Obtain type rating Beechcraft series 90/99/100/200.

Enjoy obtaining the type rating of one of the most used aircrafts in the aviation sport and aerial work, for this ADVANCED AVIATION GROUP puts at your disposal everything you need.

The course consists of 4 phases


Phase 1: Theory

During 6 days, our teachers specialized in this type of airplane, will instruct you in all the systems of the airplane:

  • Warning system
  • Electric system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Fire protection system
  • Pneumatic system
  • Flight control system
  • Fuel system
  • Ice and water protection system
  • Lights
  • Navigation system
  • Oxygen system
  • Doors
  • Power plant and propeller
  • Performance
  • Loading and centering


During the theoretical phase, there will be a progress assessment and at the end of the theory stage there will be a final exam of 100 questions.


Location: ADVANCED AVIA TION GROUP central offices at Reus airport


Phase 2: Mock-up


It is essential that the applicant carry out start-up practices and the sequence of the “flows” to carry out a correct operation.


These procedures are performed during the week of the theory phase and BEFORE preceding the simulator phase.


The student will be able to use the mock-up of the school as long as it is convenient during the opening hours of the school.


Location: ADVANCED AVIA TION GROUP central offices at Reus airport


Phase 3: Simulator


According to regulations, the Beechcraft series 90/99/100/200 is qualified to be operated as a SP- Single pilot and as a MP – Multi-pilot, for this, ADVANCED AVIATION GROUP has special training and adjusted for each type of the training:


SP -12 hours FFS

MP -18 hours FFS

SP & MP – 20 hours FFS



The sessions are carried out by qualified instructors in a full-motion simulator following the parameters of EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency)

The school itself has authorized standard operating procedures (SOP’s) but instructors adapt to SOP’s from outside companies.

The Skill test will be carried out by a qualified TRE of EASA.

Location: Pori- Helsinki simulator centre.

Phase 4: Flight

The last phase of the course is the execution of the training based on a school airplane by a highly experienced instructor.

Place: It will be held at the location where the plane is based during the flight phase.


BEFORE starting the course, the school offers for free the possibility of carrying out an instrument flight test in a static simulator to find out the status of the applicant and to tackle possible problems that may arise during practical instruction in a full-motion simulator.

The course provides the following materials:

    • Welcome pack.
    • AFM of the plane
    • Airplane QRH
    • Cockpit and system posters
    • Navigation and approach charts

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